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You have a recently vacated property and you need to get in as quick as possible to inspect it and make a detailed list of repairs. Just one thing the property is full of furniture. Not a problem! We clear the property from top to bottom removing and tipping everything from the loft to the front door. The property is swept and fragranced ready for the inspection. We also fuimigate if necessary to rid the property of fleas and mites etc prior to your trades going in.

Initial cleans and repairs

You have some repairs to make on a recently vacated property. You use many services to rectify the problems past tenants have left. You use joiners, plasterers and painters. You now need a final clean. Not only do we provide a professional dedicated cleaning team, we also take care of snagging. We fill holes that other trades may have over looked. Repair minor brick work and pointing problems, Paint damaged areas whist we are there and then clean the property leaving it in tip top condition. No need to keep chasing and recalling trades to deal with these issues, Job done Target met.

We clear gardens of rubbish left by tenants or all too often dumped by fly tippers who see an empty house as a way of diposing of their unwanted furniture, Sheds/Garages demolished and removed, DIY structures tipped.

Gardens levelled, trimmed, strimmed, seeded and weeded. Making the right first impression for the prospective tenant.