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Chewing gum is a real problem for local authorities, commercial property owners, transport companies and property management companies responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of buildings, streets or commercial transport.

Gum Removal       

Here at Projex, we have invested significant development time over the last 10 years to come up with economical and efficient solutions to the problem of removing chewing gum which has resulted in a high quality range of specialist cleaning equipment developed with chewing gum removal in mind.

The steam cleaning process for removing chewing gum has never been easier.

By simply applying an environmentally friendly cleaning agent through the machine chewing gum is removed effectively leaving a slightly damp surface and no mess.

When the gum is preheated with steam, detergent applied and agitated with the brush attached to the steam nozzle, the gum is broken down leaving little or no trace on the surface treated.

Using this system to remove chewing gum is very cost effective. One person using only approx 40 litres of water should be able to clean approx 300 square meters with medium pollution in one working day.