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We clean Hospital medical centers we are instrumental in dealing with MRSA and many other potentially harmful bactearia.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning, commercial cleaning,industrial cleaning, over head cleaning

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 Infection control

We are specialists in removing and disposing of hazardous waste. From fungus, bio waste, needle sticks. etc
Preparation property cleaning works carried out on uninhabitable properties/prior to re decoration. remove and tip all items disinfect and deodorize.
Needle sticks Safe removal and disposal of discarded Needle sticks and Drug related items from estates, land, and Buildings.

Bio waste removal Safe removal of all manner of bio waste including faeces, animal waste, body fats.ect
Bacterial cleaning and suppression Clinical cleaning of kitchens hospital wards and hospital theaters to prevent infectious disease and illness. Cleanliness Certificates Supplied
Surgical instrument cleaning De fating and bio cleaning non corrosive cleaning solutions for surgical instruments.

Carpet Cleaning

Our system works by simultaneous spray and extraction. A jet of cleaning solution, forced deep into the fabric to free the embedded soil and particles, not just those deposited on the surface. The cleaning solution and the released dirt are then vacuumed back immediately by means of powerful suction.

What we don't do

WE DON’T use optical brighteners which only mask stains for a short period and give a false impression of cleanliness.
WE DON’T use bleaches that can damage and weaken your carpets and soft furnishings
WE DON’T leave a tacky residue that promotes re-soiling of fabric.

 What we do

We clean all makes of carpets and soft furnishings including Persian, Indian, Chinese, Afghan, Turkish and Nepalese rugs, domestic and commercial. We also remove stains and odious problems. There is absolutely no danger of shrinkage or colour run.

In most cases we use the hot water spray extraction method together with very special anti-static chemicals which help to stop quick re-soiling, there is also a de-bugging agent which will get rid of germs as they sterilize the carpet/upholstery and leave an effective film which also helps to stop re-soiling.As well as leaving your carpets/upholstery in showroom condition, with restored pile/nap and freshness, all in one simple cleaning operation. We offer an efficient, reliable and professional 24 hour service. All of our staff are fully trained in using the latest techniques, all our work is guaranteed and we carry full insurance.

 Sharps Removal

As licensed waste carriers we can remove and transport sharps (classified as clinical waste), from your site to final destruction destination legally, safely and in accordance with all duty of care regulations as outlined in the 1990 Environment Act.

Used syringes are a threat which, in our cities, can be just around the corner. Unfortunately all populations suffer from addiction and in the case of hard drug addiction the user will inject the drug directly into the bloodstream to get maximum effect.

This is precisely why used, discarded needles can pose such a health risk. At risk groups will often share needles or due to their living conditions and behaviour may carry diseases such as hepatitis or HIV. In our experience needles can be found anywhere, in houses, under furniture, in under growth and litter or behind bins – all the places that someone unsuspecting may put their hand.